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    Supporting, Promoting, Protecting


    The Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand operates as an umbrella organisation for all the schools, early childhood centres and training institutions that embrace the Steiner/Waldorf approach to education.


    Thinking, Feeling, Willing


    Steiner/Waldorf Education focuses on the whole child - it stimulates the mind with the full spectrum of traditional academic subjects; it nurtures healthy emotional and social development through child-centered learning and guides physical development through a broad range of artistic, movement, and craft activities.



    The schools and early childhood services affiliated with the Federation work out of the pedagogical indications developed by Austrian Philosopher and Scientist, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).See About Us for more information.

    You can Contact Us here.  General information about Steiner Education may be accessed on Steiner Education. This section also includes some commonly asked questions about the Education.

    Access to the full list of Federation members is available through the Federation Directory. Vacancies in schools and early childhood centres can be accessed here at Staff Vacancies along with information about teacher registration processes.

    Information is available on  professional development opportunities along with upcoming conferences and events.  For those wishing to contact our Adult Education Centre in Hawkes Bay or the University in Auckland delivering degrees in Steiner Primary and Early Childhood Education, go to Education Programmes.