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    Sophia Early Childhood Associates is a support and advisory initiative providing
    consultative services and professional development for people wanting to establish ‘all day’ care situations (day nurseries) for infants and very young children from an anthroposophical perspective.

    Our key aim is to foster greater understanding of the needs of the child under three years of age in "out of home" care situations, emphasising the preparation of a salutogenic environment and developing the task of the homemaker in the group care setting.

    Sophia Early Childhood Associates are Bernadette Raichle, Gerrit Raichle and Margaret Stevenson.
    Both Bernadette and Margaret are trained and experienced Rudolf Steiner Kindergarteners and have since the mid 90s worked in the realm of the full-day nursery and kindergarten as directors of their independently owned day nurseries Awhina (www.awhinachildren.co.nz) and Awatea, which were established to meet the needs of parents of very young children who are working or studying.
    Gerrit has been the managing director of Awhina since 2003.

    Sophia presently provides training and consulting services in New Zealand, Japan, India, Canada and the USA.

    The publication "Creating a Home for Body, Soul, and Spirit" by Bernadette Raichle (publisher: WECAN 2008) has been an invaluable tool in the provision of our services, especially in North America and Japan.

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