• 'Spirit of the Word' School' - Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Speech and Drama Course’ of 1924 is the basis for the work offered by this school, which will be opening in New Zealand in January 2014

    Event Date: 
    1 January 2014 - 12:00am - 31 December 2014 - 12:00am

    Dear Friends,


    As you I will see from the brochure which is available from the Federation, this course is offered in blocks, mainly in school holidays, with individual tuition in between, which makes participation possible for teachers and other professionals wishing to do this work.  

    Please note that the first year is available as a stand-alone Certificate Course and will give a comprehensive introduction to this work and the basic skills for a new orientation in speech and drama.

    In particular, people we will also be able to do just the first block.

    Although they will certainly find it rewarding as an Orientation Course, it will need further work for acquiring actual skills in Creative Speech and Drama. That takes more time and practice, as well as individual tuition than one can do in a four-week block, of course.

    However, any part of the course can be followed by further training later, for a deepening of the work.


    Finding a format that will be able to meet the high aims of this work within the financial and time constraints of today, is not an easy task.

    The format we have chosen will have to prove itself over time; and we are prepared to have to adjust it as we develop the course. This is also indicated in the brochure.


    Please let us know of expressions of interest or willingness to help with distribution of brochures - this should be via astrid.anderson@slingshot.co.nz


    Warm greetings,



                For the carrying group.

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    New Zealand