• International Kolisko Conference - Trauma in Childhood

    Event Date: 
    8 July 2015 - 12:00am - 12 July 2015 - 12:00am

    For teachers, medical practitioners, health professionals and parents.

    Keynote Speakers: Dr Michaela GloĢˆckler & Christof Wiechert

    What is trauma? What makes difficult experiences traumatic? What biological and physiological changes accompany traumatic events? How do these types of experiences influence child development? Children today live in a world where overwhelming sensory experience is becoming the norm. A growing body of evidence suggests the effect of this exposure has developmental consequences for our children. What begins as an overwhelming sensory stimulation has the potential to spill over into changes in motor, emotional and intellectual maturation. This in turn not only affects the child’s experience of ‘I am’, but also their realisation of the other and the space in between.

    These sorts of experiences are just one type of potential wounding within child development and lead to questions for us as educators, therapists, health professionals and parents of how to intervene and effectively bring healing.

    The conference focuses on educational, therapeutic and medical possibilities and interventions effective in re- establishing a healthy development and inner resilience. This focus will be explored by speakers, workshops and the afternoon panel discussions led by experienced teachers, health practitioners and therapists.

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    We look forward to joining with you in this exploration.

    Registrations received by 1 May 2015 - NZ$550
    Registrations after May 1 - NZ$580.

    Final date for registration and for making cancellations is 19 June 2015

    After this date, please contact Edith van der Meer at kolisko2015@gmail.com. 

    St Peter's School, Cambridge
    1716 Cambridge Road
    New Zealand