• Alice Springs Conference

    Event Date: 
    8 July 2012 - 10:00am - 12 July 2012 - 5:00pm

    The Anthroposophical Society and Steiner Education Australia are pleased to bring you a unique conference experience in the heart of Australia.

    As in many indigenous cultures and societies around the world, the phrase Secret Sacred is often used in relation to spiritual, ritual and initiation rites. This conference is proposed in response to a perceived need for:

    1. A renewed recognition of the role of the Sacred in the past, present and future of society (the Sacred is an Open Secret, in the words of the German poet Goethe – himself no stranger to the Secret Sacred)
    2. Humbly requesting and facilitating dialogue between Indigenous Australians and the new Australians at a level which possibly has not been given enough attention (the historical role of Karl and Ted Strehlow in this dialogue will be given due recognition)
    3. Examples (workshops, performances, speakers) of how this incorporation of the Sacred can and in some cases is being applied today in various fields of social life.

    How can we in our modern secular society, bring into our professions – as teachers, parents, scientists, builders, architects, lawyers, doctors, nurses, farmers – the knowledge of the wholeness of the world (the integration of the cosmos and the earth), the wholeness of the human being as a part of the world where consciousness has become conscious of itself, the knowledge of the portals of birth and death, the knowledge of identity and its role in creating values?

    We invite you to this conference in the hope to inspire participants to find within their own vocational work ways of enriching the world’s and their own sacredness.

    "If we devote ourselves to sacredness in our vocations, the world will rise to meet us"     Joel Salatin

    We would like to acknowledge that this conference is being held on the traditional lands of the Central Arrernte people and pay our respects to elders both past and present.
    The Central Arrernte (pronounced Arunda) people are the traditional custodians of Mparntwe (Alice Springs). They have been here since time immemorial. In the beginning, Altyerrenge - ancestral figures - created the landscape and its features, as well as Arrernte Law. Arrernte people continue to live in Mparntwe, observe that law, look after the country and teach children the Arrernte language and the importance of culture.
    According to the traditional custodians, the landscape was shaped by caterpillars, wild dogs, travelling boys, two sisters, euros and other ancestral figures, and as such contains many sites of importance to its traditional owners. Some of the first Dreaming stories ever recorded were those of the Arrernte people of Central Australia.

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